Tara Argall, M.Ed, has been around the block a few times in the 5+ decades that she has been on this planet.  She has tried and done many things.  Included in her life resume:  she is a mom of two grown children, and has been married to her first husband for most of her adult life.  Tara is an accomplished artist, working in many different mediums, and is an animal communicator and has been for all of her life.  She recently ended her 20+ year gig as a mental health counselor working in private practice to pursue her passion in energy medicine. Versed in many energy modalities which includes Reiki, Bodytalk, myofascial release, homeopathics, essential oils and Bach flower essences.  She loves to be outdoors, hang with her husband, adult children and her multiple of fur babies.  The number changes depending on whomever wanders on the property.  Tara and her husband’s goal is to have many adventures and are typically one bad decision away from being their communities next double silver alert.  Tara is the founder and creator of The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® and sees her mission to be solely and collectively with Trailblazing Communications® a “Slayer of Suffering.”  She views most suffering as optional and finds most of what she focuses on is creating hope, insight and empowerment through everything that she undertakes.  Her blog focuses on and takes serious topics and makes them playful and approachable.  Tara enhances her blogs with pictures of animals as she sees animals as such natural awesome teachers of many of things we humans needs to learn.

It is that time of year as we get in the festive mood. We feel generous, more so than any other time of the year. We buy gifts. We spend time with loved ones. We go the extra mile by decorating, entertaining, attending parties, donating to charities, holding the door for someone, giving gifts to strangers and feeling hopeful and full of vigor about setting new intentions, making resolutions for the year to come. We do this with grandiose ideas of finally getting in shape starting that business, committing to so many different things and in that moment we feel committed. Like when we marry and take our vows. We vow to love, honor and commit. We are committed to someone and something we love. We not for a moment believe that we will not honor those vows. The energy of love and being in love fill our hearts and minds with the feeling of excitement, love and hope. I guess we could say we feel connected alive and ready for a new adventure for ourselves with someone else. 

I see the holiday season and New Years like a wedding. We plan for, engage a plan of action, work hard, focus and make things happen. We treat others differently. We treat ourselves differently and then “POOF” around January 20th, we have lost our drive, our commitment, our visions and plans and next thing you know we are divorced from ourselves and the vows we not so long ago made to ourselves. We truly meant it all at the time, no different when we committed at the alter at our weddings. Only this time the marriage to those plans and processes is done in less than a month. 

What happens to us around the end of January? Why do most people not make it to a one year anniversary with their vision boards, intentions and resolutions and are completely divorced from all the excitement of change?

We humans are creatures of habit. We like our predictable routines and structure. We get uncomfortable when we venture outside of that box. Our brains are hardwired into the thoughts, beliefs, comfortable feeling places and ways of doing things. To navigate different waters puts our brains and systems into overdrive and we have to think and be present with what we are doing because we do not have an auto-drive button for the new way of being. We have to be in a conscious state to make the changes otherwise our hardwiring takes over and we literally can drive to work without really seeing where we are going. Have you ever had that happen? You pull into the parking lot of your office and realize you did not see much of anything on the way there? That my friends is living in the comfort of auto-pilot and complacency.

To make anew. To do different requires that you be present and interrupt that auto responder response to just grabbing what is easy to eat instead of trying a new healthy recipe or heading to the treadmill for a nice workout instead of heading to the Lazy boy chair to scroll through social media on your smart phone.

They say is takes 21-30 days to create a new habit. This is because we have to retrain ourselves to that auto-pilot responder place. Once programmed in after that time period you are at a point of not fighting your old ways anymore and now that new behavior is new habit. It takes a lot of effort and mindfulness to get to the 21-30 days that few people make it to.

The other thing that is playing into the divorcing of your lofty goals is the programming in your DNA. Our DNA is our hardwiring. Parts of it is decided even before you are actually born. Our parents trauma, patterning and traits etc are a crazy gift to us at our conception through our DNA. If your parents have issues with their self worth and struggle to make their lives the thing of their dreams because they do not feel worthy, guess what, you most likely will too. It is part of your hardwiring in your DNA and then is reinforced through what you learn from them and your other caregivers growing up. 

So you see it is no wonder we are divorcing ourselves and our intentions and resolutions before the 20th of January or soon after. We need to work hard on our commitment to ourselves like we hopefully do with our spouses, by working on ourselves. We do this by being more present in our day-to-day activities down to the small accumulative steps to everything we do, think, believe and say. Everything is energy and if, by chance, you know how to work with energy you are in a more empowered place to fully commit to yourself and the things you dream of during the holiday season and new year. Our DNA is not set in stone, it can be changed. Working with our energy patterns is a powerful way to do just that. 

Trailblazing Communications is a modality that I was guided to create that easily and effortlessly allows us to locate, identify and shift the patterns for ourselves and our loved ones so that our DNA, beliefs, thoughts and actions can be free from the patterns and struggles that may have been plaguing our ancestors for generations. It just keeps keeping on until someone changes it.

When we work on ourselves we are gifting not only ourselves but our children, parents, grandparents and future grandchildren and generations. We are actually changing these patterns for 7 generations forward and backward. So when you start thinking about giving gifts during the holidays and projecting things to be different for the New Year, why not give the gift of being able to shift energy to yourself because as I see it, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I am grateful for my animal companions and I am also grateful for the tools that I get to use in the Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System. This is a system that is easily used by anyone with or without prior energy experience. It digs in and locates, identifies and shifts these energies that plague us. It is not until we free the energy will we free the pattern. Once gone, if we stay in an environment that does not re-traumatize us we are good to move on. It really can be that simple. Suffering is an option that we choose. It really is a choice. Life is short so why not chose something else. Chose what supports you in loving you! Happy shifting!

To learn more about this process, check out https://www.Trailblazingcommunications.com 

Happy New Year to all of you, whether it lasts until January 20th or beyond. The choice is yours.