“I’ve worked with Tara Argall on a number of occasions over the years. She has helped me to better understand and care for the animals in my life. Tara has an uncanny ability to tap into the higher intelligence of those who cannot speak for themselves, both human and animals.  In her programs, Trailblazing Communications, “Animal Style and “People Style,” she has painstakingly mapped out the steps through which each of us can learn to do the same.  With this work, there is tremendous potential to change lives.  I would highly recommend taking a look!

~ Edie Falco – Hollywood Actress (Law & Order True Crime, Horace & Pete, Nurse Jackie, 30 Rock, Will & Grace, The Sopranos, Oz)



A little background my name is Robyn Rasmusson and I have a 13 year old Maltipoo named Cody who is my four legged wing man. He had developed what seemed to me to be asthma type symptoms where he would struggle to breathe daily when excited and also have serious spells many times per week, where he could not breathe and would choke. I had been to the vet many times and received rather dismissive responses but no real reason or treatment for him.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara Argall and Marilyn McMurray for personal growth through Trailblazing Communications and found it to be very interesting and noticeably helpful to me.  I jumped at the opportunity to work on this study for Animal Communication as I was struggling with how to help Cody at the same time.  Thank you again for choosing us for this study.

The study was EXTREMELY successful in my eyes and in the health of Cody as of today.  With Cody’s first session, we changed out his food and I personally switched out to purified water as I wanted him to have the best to see if that would help. The first thing I noticed is that he actually LOVED his new food in  he jumps around as I put it in his dish much like he would a treat he loved. Prior to this there were days he would be disinterested and simply choose not to eat his food and I was giving him a top end dry dog food, those days are gone thankfully.

Cody continued to show improvement in his activity and demeanor with each subsequent session Tara did with him. Leading us to an herbal supplement through one of her sessions that I have been giving him. He continued to have less breathing difficulty and he became spell-less those first three weeks. He has now released a lot of built up “yuck” and we have been spell-less. He is very active and happy. He eats and plays well; even my husband noticed he was better. On a side note the excessive orange mattering that he has had forever, has been clearing.  I was excited after one of the sessions to receive some feedback messages from Cody that were spot on.

For us this was a huge SUCCESS and I am so grateful to Tara and Trailblazing Communications for this opportunity. I have referred others in need of some direction for their animal companions and would do so in a heartbeat.  Tara has been very caring and informative I have truly enjoyed our work together so has Cody!

Sincerely yours,

Robyn Rasmusson