Feeling Lonely? No need to suffer blog – by Tara Argall, M.Ed, “The Suffering Slayer” and Founder and Creator of Trailblazing Communications

Tara Argall, M.Ed, has been around the block a few times in the 5+ decades that she has been on this planet.  She has tried and done many things.  Included in her life resume:  she is a mom of two grown children, and has been married to her first husband for most of her adult life.  Tara is an accomplished artist, working in many different mediums, and is an animal communicator and has been for all of her life.  She recently ended her 20+ year gig as a mental health counselor working in private practice to pursue her passion in energy medicine. Versed in many energy modalities which includes Reiki, Bodytalk, myofascial release, homeopathics, essential oils and Bach flower essences.  She loves to be outdoors, hang with her husband, adult children and her multiple of fur babies.  The number changes depending on whomever wanders on the property.  Tara and her husband’s goal is to have many adventures and are typically one bad decision away from being their communities next double silver alert.  Tara is the founder and creator of The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® and sees her mission to be solely and collectively with Trailblazing Communications® a “Slayer of Suffering.”  She views most suffering as optional and finds most of what she focuses on is creating hope, insight and empowerment through everything that she undertakes.  Her blog focuses on and takes serious topics and makes them playful and approachable.  Tara enhances her blogs with pictures of animals as she sees animals as such natural awesome teachers of many of things we humans needs to learn.

I don’t know about you but I have come to learn that we all have our spiritual dream team with angels and guides. I have learned that Spirit loves when we ask for help when we ask for guidance and so much more. We are never alone. If you are feeling lonely, it is a choice. You can tap into your Spiritual dream team at anytime, anywhere. I have known this for a long time so when I am struggling, feel lonely, misunderstood or when I have questions or need help with something, I reach out and ask Spirit.

The other day I was working on a very important project. I usually am a strong truster in what my intuition tells me and rarely if ever question it. This day was unlike most. I think we suffer so much when we doubt our intuition and doubt our connection with Spirit and the Universe. I was really struggling with believing the information I was getting so I took a break and went for a walk.

During the walk, I decided to ask Spirit for a sign if what I was getting and working on was accurate and the way I should proceed so I asked for a sign. My walk took me down and gravel rocky road. I asked Spirit if I was on task to show me in a sign of rock in the shape of a heart. In my head I was thinking it would be super cool to find a pink heart rock but told myself that was crazy as rocks in my area are never pink.

I soon came upon the rock in this photo. Held the right way it definitely could resemble a heart.  I picked it up and put it in my pocket thinking how cool it was that I found a heart rock so quickly. My mind was playing tricks on me this day and I immediately started to doubt that this rock looked anything like a heart. I was doubting that the answer could be that quick and easy as I had a long ways left to walk.  I then asked Spirit for one that resembled a heart much more closely. (note: doubting Spirits answers is not something I usually would do or support)!

I walked a little further and then came upon the next rock in the next photo. It was a little less objective and looked much more like a heart. There, Spirit answered me again. This time I thought, cool I like this.  

But remember, I was having a doubting day and once again asked Spirit for another heart. I wanted a rock that was undoubtably a heart with a pointed bottom. What I was trying to validate with the project I was working on was pretty incredible information and was having a hard time believing it and wanted proof positive that I was on the right track. So Spirit must have had a good sense of humor that day as here is the next rock that I had found.

Now we are talking. This truly is a heart rock. I was feeling pretty confident that Spirit was giving me the thumbs up and I had no business doubting the work that I was doing. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t let go of the thought of how cool it would have been to find a pink heart rock as kind of a souvenir to remember the work that I was doing that day.  My walk was shortly coming to an end and then I found this.

A heart shaped rock IN a pink circle. I laughed out loud and thought to myself how cool is Spirit to first of all talk with me and help me with my doubts and fears. Secondly, what a sense of humor Spirit has. I was out on a gravel road in a remote area and where this pink band came from, who knows? 

So when you are struggling/suffering, reach out to Spirit. Ask questions but remember to look for the answers as Spirit talks in many different ways. You have to be present and listening!

Now you can tap into Spirit’s message with the tools found in The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System. You can talk to Spirit, your animal companions, people who are non-verbal and so much more. 

To learn more about this process, check out https://Trailblazingcommunications.com 

Happy New Year to all of you, remember suffering is optional and happy can be yours in January  or beyond. The choice is yours.