Tara Argall - Animal Communication and Healing

powerful, healing and unconventional resolutions to the human/animal bond

Welcome to my website!

My name is Tara Argall and I am excited and grateful that you have chosen to check out the work that I do.  I am passionate about helping animals and their people become the best and healthiest that they can be because I believe that …..anything is possible!

My training and background is in counseling and I was a licensed counselor for over 20 years, animal communicator all of my life, energy practitioner for over 15 years and I also am an artist. I look at life through a very creative lens.  I know that our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, relationships, environments, and diets affect our health and the health and well-being of our animal companions.

I believe that our pets energetically sync up with us and their environment. If they were out in the wild in their herd, pack or group they would connect energetically for survival. Their health is affected by the entire group. That does not change when we bring them into our homes and lives. If you want to take the best care of your animal companions, you need to really take the best care of yourself.

I am the founder and creator of an amazing energy system that can be utilized by anyone, regardless if you have a background in any type of training, communicating or energy work.

You can become your own animal communicator and baddass energy shifter for yourself and your animal companions. You can check out that website at www.Trailblazingcommunications.com.  I love working with energy!  I take everyday issues and problems and work with them in a non-traditional creative and energetic way.  Results are fast, effective and long lasting.  There isn’t anything that isn’t shiftable!  Sometimes just a slight turn on our perspective or a tweak of energy can make all the difference.

If what I do resonates with you, get ahold of me, it does not matter if we live in the same area as I am able to do all my work at a distance.  Energy is limitless and boundary-less which allows for me to connect with you or your animal companion at a distance over the phone.  Results are not affected at all by our locale.

I welcome any questions, so please feel free to email or call and thanks again for your interest in my work.  It is my pleasure to serve and work with you!

Please note that I do not do lost animal work at this time. Due to schedule constraints, I cannot serve as a provider for emergency situations.

How to prepare for a session with me

All my sessions are done from a distance. If we are communicating with your animal companion/s we will be doing a phone consult. If we are doing an energy shifting session for your animal companion/s then it will be done remotely with a phone call or email to discuss the results and finding.

  1. Purchase the session – you can do this right here on my site – see below to determine which choice may be the best option.
  2. Email me ONE photo of each of the animals that we will be working with in this session at taraargall@hotmail.com. Please do not include any information on your animal beyond their name/s and age/s. I like to start by just meeting them and seeing what they want to share with me about themselves first.
  3. Include the phone number you want me to call for the session in the email and also some days and times that you would be available to schedule this appointment. I do not work weekends or holidays.
To determine which type of session will be needed please consider the following:
  • If your animal is having a health issue, I typically do not start with a communication session. Animals often do not know why they are not feeling well and cannot give us anything that will help shift how they are feeling. This type of situation will possibly require an energy shifting session or a series of sessions depending on the issue and how long they have had it.
  • If your animal is having a behavior issue, it typically is not as clear cut which direction to take. I typically start working with this issue with a communication session and depending on what we find out visiting with your animal/s we will know what is going on and what, if anything else may be needed.
  • If you would just like to understand your animal companion/s better and have questions for them then a communication session is definitely the place to start.
To determine the amount of time to purchase:
  • If you would just like to visit and get to know your animal companion/s (up to 2) better – a 1/2 hour animal communication session
  • If you have an animal with a health issue – a full energy shifting session – 1 hour
  • If you have an animal with a behavioral issue – a communication session – ½ hour.  This may require an additional energy shifting session after the ½ hour session
  • If you have 1-2 animals with just a few questions for each – a communication session –½ hour
  • If you have more than 2 animals with a few questions for each – a communication session 45 minutes to an hour (be realistic about how many questions you have for each so we are not rushing through)

Please note that I do not do lost animal work at this time nor do I have a schedule that allows me to serve in any emergency type situation.

Animal Communication

Tap into what your animal companion needs you to know. You may be experiencing behavioral, health or situational issues. In this session you will be able to ask any questions you may have of your animal companion/s and allow them to share anything that they may want you to know. You can ask your animal anything you would or could ask another human being. They welcome the opportunity to be heard and to share things that they have been patiently waiting to communicate to you.

First time consults for 1 or 2 animals requires at least a 1/2 hour phone session.

To email photos to Tara for the session send to taraargall@hotmail.com

Multiple animals requires a 1 hour phone session

If you have had a full animal communication session and want to check in with one animal with a quick question, you can choose the quick 15 minute check-in option.


I do not offer lost animal consults at this time.  I also am not able to offer emergency consult sessions due to time scheduling issues.

Animal energy healing sessions

If your animal is struggling in some fashion, it may be appropriate to schedule an animal energy session.  In this session, Tara will connect with your animal at a distance and using her Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System and will identify, locate and shift behavioral and physical change through clearing energetic blocks and disturbances.  For more information on how this system works or how you can learn to use this system for you and your animal companions, visit www.trailblazingcommunications.com

To email Tara a photo of your animal companion send to taraargall@hotmail.com

Animal communication and energy shifting session combo

In this session, we will connect via a phone call to visit with your animal for a 1/2 hour communication session and your animal will also receive a full 1 hour Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System session addressing whatever issue that needs further attention beyond the understanding obtained in the communication session.

To email Tara a photo of your animal companion for the session send to taraargall@hotmail.com